Do you have questions about this new dietary supplement called Pure green coffee bean extact?  I know I did before I gave it a try. I looked up a lot of information online and I couldn’t find everything I was looking for, so I decided I might as well start my own blog on it. Hopefully this information helps you like it did with me:

1. What is Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract?

It is a supplement that you take 3 times daily around 20 minutes before you eat. It contains healthy antioxidants as well as all natural chemicals that trick your body into thinking it’s full. For this reason when you take it you start to feel full before you eat your meal – so you end up automatically portion controlling and eating less. Moreover, the caffeine in it ends up helping you burn fat at a faster pace – since caffeine has been shown to give your metabolism a boost.

2. How many pills should you take per day?

According to much of the research you should be taking a maximum of 3 pills a day. You can take less of course, but it’s not advised to take more than that. The reason being is that since it contains caffeine – you don’t know how your body reacts to too much caffeine, and you don’t want to have a caffeine overdose.

3. What’s the difference between taking these pills and drinking regular coffee?

Green coffee is much different than regular coffee. Regular coffee is missing all the antioxidants and benefits that green coffee offers. For that reason, you won’t see the same weight loss results by using regular coffee.

4. Are there any side effects I should be worried about?

The only side effect people have reported is from having too much caffeine. It would the same side effects as drinking too much coffee – for instance, anxiety, sweaty palms, and rapid heart rate. If you take the recommend dosage you should’t see any side effects. If you do, just lower your dose or stop completely.

5. How quickly will I lose weight?

Most people start losing weight in the first three days. For me personally, it took around 2 weeks before I saw the real weight loss (over 8 pounds lost in one week). Different body types react differently to this supplement.

6. Where can I buy it?

You can buy it in health food stores or you can order it online. I recommend taking Pure Green Coffee Bean – which you can buy on this website.



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